Sword Art Online : Fatal BulletPS4
 Sword Art Online : Fatal BulletXOne
 Bayonetta 2NS
 Secret of Mana PS4
 The Seven Deadly Sins : Knights of ...PS4
 Shadow Of The ColossusPS4
 EA Sports UFC 3PS4
 EA Sports UFC 3XOne
 Dissidia Final Fantasy NTPS4
 Dragon Ball Fighter ZPS4
 Dragon Ball Fighter ZXOne
22/02 Metal Gear SurviveXOne
22/02 Metal Gear SurvivePS4
28/02 World Of Warcraft Battle Of ...PC
16/03 Burnout Paradise RemasteredPS4
16/03 Burnout Paradise RemasteredXOne
16/03 Kirby Star AlliesNS
20/03 Attack on Titans 2XOne
20/03 Attack on Titans 2NS
20/03 Attack on Titans 2NS
20/03 Pirates : Sea of ThievesXOne
20/03 Yakuza 6 : The Song of LifePS4